November 21, 2019

Write for Us

Write for us

Looking for an ideal platform to post your blogs? Look no further, you can now showcase your blogs on our website.

As an information-centric visa service website, we always seek the blog posts of creative writers. We expect both stories and practical information relevant to our website. Our main however, is to engage, entertain, and educate frequent travelers and travel enthusiasts.

One of the primary concerns we are very keen on is the fact that we only encourage blog posts with accurate and authentic information.

If you feel your writing style matches with the blogs on our website, follow the mandatory guidelines to draft blogs as per our website standards.

Blog Writing Guidelines

  • Relevance is the key. Ensure your blog is relevant to our site, which is based on visa and travel.
  • Ensure the blog post is 0% plagiarized and not published before.
  • British/ UK English must be the preferred writing style
  • The Word Count should not be below 500 words.
  • The Keyword Density must be close to 5% and not more.
  • Keyword Stuffing must be avoided.
  • Ensure not to exceed two links per blog.
  • Only submit blogs alongside high-quality relevant images.
  • Ensure the information listed in the blog is up to date. Also, share the source link

Submissions must be in compliance with the guidelines or else would be discarded.

What we expect

  • Useful and practical information (first-hand experience or created to cater to constant travellers.
  • Information-based content that is clear to read.

What we do not expect

  • Blog posts with links to sites unrelated to our site.
  • Personal Blog Posts, Press Releases, Case Studies, Newsletters, Travel Narratives, and Controversial Blog

Note: Charges are applicable determined by the quality of the blogs.
For more information, and to send in your blog documents* (word, PDF, URL’s, etc.) write to us at