Window Malaysia Vs Blinkvisa: Comparative Analysis

Window Malaysia comparison with Blinkvisa

Window Malaysia is the official website through which one can apply for the Malaysia visa online. Although this is the most authentic portal for the visa application, the site has not been highly user-friendly. The visa applicants, especially the new applicants, may not be aware of the documents and other procedures that come along with the Malaysia visa process.

Here is a comparative analysis of the Window Malaysia website and a Blinkvisa. This article explains why it would be a better idea to opt for the visa agent rather than going ahead with the Malaysia visa process through the official portal.

Window Malaysia Reliability

Window Malaysia visa portal ( has been the most reliable and convenient for applications from all over the world. But, there are some factors that you may need to get some assistance.

Here in this portal, you are the only help you can get. Besides, there is no guidance or no way of knowing, whether you have missed any key information or not. At the same time, it might also happen that you made some minor errors in the application. But that would eventually lead to visa rejection.

Since the visa application undergoes high scrutiny at the consulate, one cannot afford to make any mistakes. This is where Blinkvisa comes to your rescue.

Blinkvisa assistance

Blinkvisa provides complete assistance, right from the first step, until you get the visa. Here, you only need to follow a few steps. Place a request for Malaysia visa, pay the initial amount and submit the required documents. The entire Malaysia visa process will be taken care of for you.

The expert services include even the most strict factor- Malaysia visa photo specification. Let us find out what are the areas that Blinkvisa can provide you with its expertise.

Blinkvisa Vs Window Malaysia

Blinkvisa assisstance

Save Time!!

Time is the most important constraint for all. If there is anything that saves time, we are all for it. Applying for a visa is one of the most time-consuming efforts. There are ways, through which you can save time.

Click to Apply for Malaysia Visa with Blinkvisa

Is the Window Malaysia portal a very good option as a time-saver? The answer is no!

Let us find out why-

1. Choosing the suitable type of Malaysia visa

At the Window Malaysia website, you must find out and decide on what type of visa you should apply for. However, the visa expert offers you the best type of Malaysia visa, according to your travel plans.

The ideal visa type should be according to the number of days you will be spending in Malaysia and on how many times you need to enter. Since there are 4 different types of e visa Malaysia that are available for Indians, one must choose wisely. Choosing the wrong category of visa may lead to visa rejection. Your options are,

  • Malaysia eNTRI visa
  • 30 days Malaysia single entry visa
  • 30 days Malaysia multiple-entry visa
  • 1 Year Malaysia multiple entry visa

2. Documentation assistance

Malaysia visa for Indians is now completely online, for all the visa types. The online application means you will be filling up the application online and submitting the documents by uploading them.

Blinkvisa can help you with both of these steps. It helps with the process of application filling and document uploading. If any of the documents or information is missing, they will ask you later.

On the other hand, this facility is not available at Window Malaysia. They would simply give you the list of Malaysia visa requirements and you have to upload them yourself.

The secret revealed!

Surprisingly, the official website does not mention an important factor. You need to submit a copy of the previous visits to Malaysia or visa pages to other countries in the passport. Having them (if applicable) would improve your chances of visa approval.

Blinkvisa not only gives you a clear picture beforehand but also ask for this specifically.

3. Scrutiny of the documents

Blinkvisa allocates a visa expert to each customer who would explain the entire process. He/she would fill up the application form on your behalf. The double-checking of the documents and the data provided will also happen to avoid errors. This enhances the chances of visa approval. Because, the most common reasons for visa application rejection includes, error in application and discrepancy with the data provided.

4. Malaysia visa photo specification

Malaysia visa photo size

Malaysia embassy/Malaysia Consulate is very much specific about the Malaysia visa photo size. The Malaysia visa photo requirements must be followed to the dot since this is another popular reason for visa rejection.

The requirements that you see at Window Malaysia specifies that the photograph must be of studio quality. What if you do not have such a recent photo?

Blinkvisa helps you with that factor as well. You may upload any of your recent photograph of yours that has better face coverage, they can edit it to the required specifications. Your efforts are reduced once again!

They do so, at no extra charges either. This proves to be both time-saving as well as money-saving.

Most importantly, the official portal application process may take a lot of time. Via Blinkvisa, it is just 5 minutes’ effort! You log in, enter the basic details, pay the initial amount, upload the documents.

You are done! Now all you need to do is to wait for the visa approval which usually comes within two working days.

Save Money!!

This is the most important part. An application does not guarantee your visa approval. Though the visa rejection rate for Malaysia visa is very low, there still are chances of rejection. Avoiding the rejection in itself is a money-saver. But at the same time, the visa fee which you are paying is gone forever, unless there is a way out. Blinkvisa offers you the best money-saver option.

Apply for Malaysia Visa with Blinkvisa


1. Pay an initial amount of Rs.500 only

You have to pay just 10% (Rs.500) for the visa process initiation. Once you pay the amount, a visa expert will be contacting you and brief you on the required documents and photo specifications.

2. Pay the remaining fee amount after visa approval

This is the most convenient option for you since you will pay the visa fee only after getting the visa approval. Once the visa is approved and you get a copy of the same via email, proceed with the payment.

3. 100% cashback on the entire visa fee

Whatever the amount that you pay towards the Malaysia visa fees will be credited to your Blink account (BlinkWallet). You can use the money for other travel expenses now or later.

4. Refund if the visa is rejected

In case the visa application is rejected, you will get a refund of the initial amount you paid. This way, the loss is ‘0’.

Window Malaysia

At Window Malaysia, you have to pay the entire visa fee to proceed with the visa application. In case of a rejection, the money is a total loss for you.

Alternatively, Blinkvisa safeguards your money and also gives the visa fees as cashback into the BlinkWallet account. You are free to use this amount towards travel expenses and for booking other activities for the Malaysia trip. You may also use the same for flight tickets and hotels for any later trips.

The Bottom Line

Approaching a third party may not sound like a good option for many when there is the official website available. Though Window Malaysia maybe your choice, you must be aware of a few fake websites such as Windows Malaysia ( that is not the official website.

There are fake websites that offer to get your visa, there also are authentic and reliable websites that you can trust. One of the criteria for the trust is that you pay only a nominal amount initially and not the whole amount.

Blinkvisa offers the visa processing at a nominal amount of Rs.500 and it is no scam. You save both money and time that has more value. You will be getting your money back in other ways. Apart from the visa assistance, you may get help with flights and hotel bookings as well. Save your time and money at the same time with added benefits from Blinkvisa!

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