How to Get Tourist Visa for Australia – Simple Guide 2020

Australia Tourist visa

If you are an Indian passport holder and want to visit Australia for your next vacay then you must obtain a Visitor Visa Australia subclass 600. Indian citizens are eligible only for this type of tourist visa for Australia. In this article, you are going to learn everything about this type of visa and how to get the same in the best way.

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Australia Tourist Visa Info: The Basics

With an Australia tourist visa, you can visit Australia for a short term for tourism purposes. Tourism includes holidays, recreation and meeting friends and families. If you obtain this kind of visa you can be involved in business activities like attending a conference, negotiation or exploratory business visits.

At the same time, you have to note that with a travel visa you can not provide service to any organization. One can neither sell products or service to the public during the stay.  Here are more details on Australia tourist visa for Indians.

Visa to Australia processing time validity

As we can see, the validity of a  tourist visa for Australia is up to 12 months from the day of issuance. One can visit any time within the validity. This visa allows multiple entries in the country within 1 year of validity. One can stay for a maximum of 90 consecutive days with a tourist visa. If you want to stay for more than 90 days, you are to apply for an extension on the visa.

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When Should I apply for Australia Tourist Visa?

The processing time required for the Australia visa is 20 to 25 business days. As the processing time is longer than many other visas, we advise you to apply for the same minimum of 60 days ahead of the travel date. Applying for the visa in advance gives you enough time to alter the travel plan if you want.

Australia Tourist Visa Fee

As mentioned above, you can apply for an Australian visa only through authorized visa agents the visa fee may differ from agent to agent. Although the base fee is going to be constant, one may find a difference in the service charges of the agent.

If you apply for your visa through Blinkvisa, you will have to pay INR 11090 for your Australia Visa. Here is a clear breakup of the Australia visa fee at Blinkvisa.

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When you apply for an Australia tourist visa through Blinkvisa, you become eligible for a 100% cashback on your visa fee. The entire amount you spent at visa processing will be given back to you in your BlinkWallet. The wallet amount can be used for various expenses such as hotel bookings in Australia, flight bookings or activities during your trip.

Hence, Blinkvisa converts your visa expenses to travel expenses.

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Requirements for Australia Tourist Visa

Australia visa requirements are of two types- mandatory and additional. The mandatory documents would be the same for all applicants. The additional documents depend on the profile (employment status, age etc) of the applicant.

Mandatory Documents

  • Original passport with at least 6 months validity
  • Notarized copy of all the pages of the passport, including the pages where you have other valid or expired visas if any.
  • Duly filled Australian visa application form  1419
  • 2 copies of recent passport size photographs of size 3.5″ x 4.5″. The photos should have a matte finish, the background should be white and besides must have 80% face coverage, without restrictions.
  • A personal covering letter explaining about your trip  and personal details
  • Attested copy of the last 6 months’ bank statement
  • Personal Income Tax returns or Form 16 for the last 3 years
  • Confirmed return flight tickets
  • Confirmed hotel reservations

Additional Documents

An Employee

  • Last 3 months salary slip
  • Original leave sanction certificate with company seal

A retiree

  • Pension pay order certificate
  • 6 months’ bank statement if you are retired from a private company

A student

  • The student ID card issued from the respective institution
  • Bonafide certificate

For minors

  • Birth certificate
  • NOC from the parents if traveling alone
  • A signed affidavit on Rs.100 stamp paper, from the non-accompanying parent if traveling with only one parent
  • An ID proof parent- PAN card or passport copy

If visiting a friend or family on invitation

  • Invitation letter copy
  • Inviters ID proof- passport copy, or permit copy, etc.
  • Address proof of the invitee- Utility bill, Electricity bill, etc

If someone is sponsoring you

  • Sponsorship letter
  • Sponsor’s national ID proof- PAN card or Resident permit
  • Last 3 months’ updates bank statement
  • IT returns for the last 3 years

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How to apply for an Australia Tourist visa?

Applying for an Australia visa can not be done online. One has to visit the embassy in person to lodge the visa application. But the application must have to be done through authorized third party agents like VFS or any other visa agents like Blinkvisa. Applying for your visa through Blinkvisa gives you additional benefits like 100% cashback of the visa fee along with the visa assistance. Here are the steps you are to follow while applying for your Australian tourist visa through Blinkvisa.

  1. Visit Blinkvisa
  2. Click on the “Get Visa” button.
  3. Give your personal and travel details.
  4. Pay only Rs.500 to initiate the visa application process.
  5. The visa expert assigned to you will visit you to explain how to submit the required documents.
  6. You will have to go to the embassy for submitting your application accompanied by the visa expert.
  7. Be notified on the approval of your visa via SMS.
  8. Get your visa through courier or visit embassy to pick your visa.

Australia Tourist Visa FAQs

Can I apply for an Australian visa myself?

No, it must have to be applied through third party agents only.  The Australian Embassy does not entertain visa applications.

Can I enter Australia multiple times with a tourist visa?

Yes. If you have applied for a multiple tourist visa, you can enter multiple times as long as the visa is valid.

Can I get married in Australia while I am on a tourist visa?

Yes, getting married with a tourist visa is allowed in Australia. But getting married will not allow you to extend your stay in the country.

Can I work with a tourist visa?

No! You can not join any kind of work with a tourist visa. A tourist visa is exclusively for tourism.

Do I need to undergo medical examinations for visa processing?

Medical examinations like Chest X-Ray are not compulsory for all visitors to Australia. If you need to do the same, you will be notified by the Australian High Commission either on Applicant’s mail Id or on mail id of Your authorized person.

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