Singapore Visa Requirements for Indians

Singapore visa requirements for Indians

Singapore is 5th among the most visited countries in the world for tourism. While the visa application process may change from country to country, the Singapore visa requirements stay the same for most of them. While there are different types of Singapore visa, the visa requirements do not have a major change.

Here is a small account of the required documents for Indians for each visa type.

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Singapore Visa for Indians

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Types of Singapore visa

Singapore tourist visa or the Singapore visit visa, Singapore business visa are the most sought after visa types. The former is for tourism purpose and the latter is for business dealings.

  • Singapore tourist visa: The other name of this type of visa is Singapore visit visa, Singapore e visa, etc. This is a multiple entry visa that allows the visa holder to visit Singapore as many times as he/she wants within the validity period. The visa is only for tourism purposes and has a short stay for each visit.
  • Singapore business visa is the main visa type for doing a business of all kinds. As long as you do not earn money while in Singapore on this visa, it is fine. You can apply for this business visa to attend meetings, business deals, seminars, etc. It also allows for tourism during the stay. But the tourist visa does not allow you to do any kind of business.

Singapore visa requirements for Indians

Let us find out more about the visa requirements for the business and tourist visas. The basic documents required for these visas are the same but there could be a need for additional documents according to the visa and the personal profile.

These are the mandatory documents that are common for the tourist and business visas.

  • Original passport
  • Photograph
  • Cover letter
  • Bank statement
  • Invitation letter
  • Employment or financial proof
  • Address proof

Singapore visa requirements


Original passport with a validity of at least 6 months from the date of travel. You must also submit any old passports if you had. In case the old passports have any visas issued from other countries, it increases your prospect of successful visa approval.

Singapore visa application form

Singapore visa application form 14. The application form for the Singapore visa is known as Form 14a. This is available online at the Singapore government website. You can also download the same from Blinkvisa

Photo requirements

Passport size photo with a dimension of 3.5″ x 4.5″ with a matte finish. The photograph specifications must be strictly followed. No glossy photographs are accepted. Failing to follow this instruction can lead to rejection of the application.

Cover letter

A personal covering letter. The personal covering letter is a letter that explains about the person and his/her family who are traveling together. It also explains the travel plans to let the consulate know that you are not planning to stay in the country for long. The personal letter will have to be on the business letterhead for the self-employed

  • Bank statement for the last 3 months attested by the bank of the person who is funding the trip. For those who are seeking help from a sponsor, then the bank statement of that person is to be attached, in addition to the sponsorship letter.
  • Return flight tickets– This helps the authorities to confirm that you will be going back to your country or on an onward journey to another country.
  • Hotel reservations if any

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Singapore visa requirements- Tourist- Specific documents

Here are the additional documents that you may have to submit along with the application form.

An employed person he/she needs to submit the latest month’s salary slip and a copy of the employee ID card

A retired government employee needs to submit a copy of the Proof of Pension. If you are a retiree from a private firm, then the last 6 months’ bank statement is the needed document here.

Students must attach a copy of the School / College / Institute Identity Card

Minors/ children

  • Student ID card copy if any
  • If the minor is traveling unaccompanied then a letter of consent with the signature from parents.
  • Consent of the other parent if the child is traveling with one parent
  • Financial documents of the sponsor

Self-employed personals

  • 3 months personal bank statement
  • Company Registration certificate
  • GST certificate/ Partnership deed
  •  Last 3 years ITR

Visiting family/relative

  • Invitation letter
  • Inviter’s ID passport or PR
  • Form V39 A
  • Address proof  in the form of any utility bill

Unemployed or having a sponsor

  • Sponsorship letter
  • Sponsor’s national ID proof
  • Updated bank statement of last 6 months

Singapore visa requirement- Business

The employee ID card and the salary slip for the last 3 months for employed personnel.

For self-employed people here is the list of documents to submit.

  • Business registration License/MOA/Partnership deed/GST certificate/IT returns
  • Company’s bank statement for the last 3 months
  • Company’s IT returns for the last 3 years

Singapore visa fee for Indians

The Singapore visa fee is the same for all, whether it is a Singapore tourist visa or a Singapore business visa.

Singapore visa fee for Indians

Apply for Singapore visa in simple steps

Here are the few steps which you need to follow to apply for the Singapore visa.

  • Visit Blinkvisa
  • Select a tourist visa or business visa of your choice and click Apply for Visa.
  • Next, fill in your details.
  • Book an appointment for the pickup of your passport and documents.
  • Pay just Rs.500 to initiate the visa application process.
  • A visa expert will explain the required documents to support the application.
  • Have the passport and documents picked up from your home at your convenience.
  • Once everything is done, wait for the visa approval.
  • Get the approved visa and your passport delivered at your home
  • Pay the remaining amount of the visa fee.
  • Voila, you are done!


Regardless of the common policy, the Singapore visa requirements may have slight change from person to person. There is only an outline of the required documents for visa to Singapore. You must check with your travel agent to know more.

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