Singapore Visa for Indians with 100% Cashback

Singapore Tourist Visa for Indians

Singapore is one of the go-to-destinations for many Indians. It offers the best of both worlds keeping you in touch with your Indian-ness. At the same time, it offers a world-class tourist experience. Singapore visa for Indians is “offline processing”, which means you cannot get your Singapore visa online and you need to take help of a travel agent to help you with your visa processing. But you need not attend an interview with the embassy.

If you are like us who would prefer the convenience of an @home service, then you can apply for your visa. Moreover, you can get 100% cashback of your entire visa fee with a new travel Startup called Blinkvisa.

Singapore visa for Indians – The Basics

This section will give you a brief idea of how to apply for a Singapore visa. It also explains the process, visa fees and also about the validity of the visa.

Singapore Visa for Indians

What is the Singapore visa? How can you get a Singapore visa for Indian Passport holders?

Singapore visa is an electronically issued visa. It permits you to visit Singapore for either tourism or business purposes. The tourist visa is also useful for visiting friends & family living in Singapore.

Singapore visa for Indians cannot be procured online. You need to apply for a Singapore visa with a travel agent such as You need to submit your passport and documents to get your Singapore visa.

Singapore Visa For Indians Cost

The cost of a Singapore visa is ₹ 2300 + GST. Singapore visa fees are the same for both Singapore business visas and Singapore tourist visas for Indians.

Singapore visa for Indians fee

If you plan to get your visa through then, you can get pickup of your documents picked up from home. This facility comes along with excellent customer support. There is also a 100% cashback on your visa. You can use to purchase your flight, hotel, and activities.

How long does it take to process a Singapore visa for Indian passport holders?

It takes anywhere between 5 to 7 working days to get your Singapore visa processed. But sometimes it could take almost 15 working days if the embassy has too many visa applications to process or during the holiday season.

Singapore visa for Indians

How long can you stay in Singapore with an e Visa?

You can stay for a maximum of 30 continuous days with a Singapore e Visa. You will need to exit the country before the expiry of the 30 days and can return later since Singapore e Visa is a multiple entry visa.

How long does it take for Singapore visa?

The validity of a Singapore tourist visa depends on the consulate. This also depends on various factors such as previous travel endorsements in the passport, proof of funds and cover letter that is attached. Typically Singapore visa has a validity period anywhere between 2 months to 2 years.

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Documents required for Singapore visa for Indians

Singapore visa requirements – The documentation for Singapore visa is very simple and easy to do.
  • Original passport with a minimum 6 months validity from the date of travel along with the old passport if any.
  • Singapore tourist visa application form 14 (Singapore visa application)
  • Passport photo size 3.5 * 5.5 with a matte finish
  • Personal covering letter explaining your travel.
  • If you are self-employed cover letter should be on Business letterhead (Singapore visa Personal cover letter sample)
  • Bank statement for last 3 months attested by the bank
  • Flight Tickets (Use Blink Wallet Cashback to get up to 25% discount on flights)
  • Hotel Reservations if any (Use Blink Wallet Cashback to get up to 25% discount on hotel)

Singapore visa online requirements

In addition to the above-mentioned documents, you may also need to provide some additional documents based on your profile.

Those who are visiting Family/Relative:

  • Invitation letter
  • Inviter’s ID passport or PR
  • Form V39 A
  • Address proof like any Electricity bill, any Utility bill, etc.

If someone is sponsoring your trip:

  • Sponsorship letter
  • Sponsor’s national ID proof like Passport, PAN card or Resident permit
  • Updated bank statement of last 6 months

For employed personnel

  • Latest months salary slip
  • Employee ID card

If Self-employed:

  •  Latest year ITR
  • Company Registration certificate
  • GST certificate/ Partnership deed
  • 3 months personal bank statement

For a Retired:

  • Proof of Pension such as pension payment order.
  • If you are a retiree from a private firm, then last 6 months bank statement

If Student:

  • School / College / Institute ID Card

For Minors/ Children:

  • A letter of consent from parents with proof of their signature, if the minor is traveling unaccompanied.
  • A letter of consent from the other parent if traveling with a single parent
  • Copy of the school ID card for students
  • Financial documents like ITR, updated 3 months Bank Statement of the

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Can Indians get Singapore Visa on Arrival ?

Unfortunately, there is no Singapore visa on arrival for Indians. You need to have a valid visa before you are even allowed to board the plane.

Earlier Indians could visit Singapore without a visa by asking for an invite from a friend or relative. Anyone who is a citizen of Singapore could invite someone using their SingPass. This option is no longer available. It has now been replaced with the Singapore e-visa which you can apply with a qualified visa agent.

Singapore visa for Indians FAQs

What are the Singapore visa photo requirements?

The Singapore visa photo requirements insist that

  • The photo should be of a matte finish
  • No glossy photograph is acceptable
  • The Singapore visa photograph size should be 3.5″ x 4.5″
  • There should not be any borders
  • The background should be white
  • You avoid spectacles if possible
  • If you use a spectacle, make sure that the photo has no glare on the glasses which can cover your eyes

What are the Singapore visa photo editing tools that I can use?

The Singapore visa photo editing tools that you can use are

  • IC Photo Singapore
  • Passport Photo ID Maker Studio
  • IC Photo Editor

What is the Singapore visa cost for Indians?\

The Singapore visa cost for Indians is INR 2390 including the GST and Blinkvisa charges.

What do I do if I have made a mistake in the visa application?

If there is any mistake in the visa application form, you should immediately inform the visa expert. You can correct the mistakes only if the application is not submitted. Once they apply you cannot edit or change anything. You will have to submit a fresh application form. You may re-apply for any number of times.

What to do if my visa application is rejected?

In such cases, you can re-apply for another Singapore visa. There is no restriction on the re-application.

Will I get a refund on the visa application rejection?

No, there will be no refund of the visa fees. The visa fee is non-refundable. But, Blinkvisa gives you a refund of the initial amount in such cases.

What do I do if I do not have a bank account?

You can simply get a sponsor for the trip. The unemployed persons and those who do not have a bank account can get a sponsor. In such cases, the sponsor should submit his/her bank statement. You might need to submit the reason for getting a sponsor.

How will I receive my visa?

The approved Singapore visa will be in PDF format. You can take a printout of the same while traveling. The soft copy of the visa should also be handy.

Should I re-apply for a Singapore visa if I change my travel plans?

It depends on your new travel date. If the new date is within the validity period you can still travel with the existing visa. You should apply for a fresh visa in case the dates are beyond the validity date.

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