Singapore Visa Fee (100% Cashback with BlinkVisa)

Singapore visa fee for Indians

If Singapore is the next travel destination on your bucket list then you must be getting your budget ready for your next trip to Singapore. In the midst of various expenses, Singapore visa fee must not be missed out as this is a considerable expense of Singapore tour.

The Singapore visa cost can be reduced to ‘ZERO’ if you apply for your visa via Blinkvisa. Here is how to reduce Singapore visa cost-

Update – 2019 :

You can now get a Singapore visa from India on Blinkvisa. You will get 100% cashback on your entire Singapore visa fees and with Blinkvisa, use the cashback to book the flight, Hotel, Activities to do in Singapore all at cost price.

Singapore Visa for Indians

Blinkvisa is not only for your Singapore visa, you can get a whole custom travel plan done for you to make sure you have an amazing trip while also using your cashback that you just got to provide you even more savings when you book your flight and hotel from them (via Expedia) and also gain huge discounts on your activities.

Singapore Itinerary Plan

BlinkVisa now the #1 visa agency that has successfully provided over 40,000 Singapore tourist visas this year so far with just 4 visa rejections, far below the average  25% from other agencies. 

To apply for a Singapore visa with Blinkvisa, all you need to give us is fill a one minute form.

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Singapore visa fees for Indian Citizens: 2019

Here in this article, we will find the Singapore visa fees of the two most common Singapore visa types i.e.- Singapore Tourist visa and Singapore Business visa. The price of Singapore visa does not differ because of the visa category. Here are all the details you to know regarding the price of Singapore visa in India.

Earlier it was possible to get Singapore visa online. But recently this facility has been withdrawn. Nowadays you can get one via authorized visa agents only. Also, you need to submit your passport to the embassy to get the same. But you need not visit the embassy in person.

Blinkvisa offers Singapore visa for Indians for both the types of visas. To get both Singapore tourist visa and Singapore business visa you will be charged INR 2390. This amount includes package fee, Blinkvisa charges and applicable taxes.

But when you apply for your visa through Blinkvisa, we offer you 100% cashback of your visa expenses. It means that you are going to get your Singapore visa for free!

Singapore Tourist Visa Fee

Singapore is one of the most visited travel destinations because of various tourist attractions. A Singapore tourist visa is an online visa or ETA ( Electronic Travel Authorization) allows tourists to visit this country for tourism. Here is a clear breakup of Singapore tourist visa fee at Blinkvisa.

Singapore visa fee for Indians

(The whole amount will be returned in the form of cashback. Scroll down to know how)

Apply for Singapore Visa with Blinkvisa

Singapore Business Visa Fee

Singapore is a perfect place to find professional opportunities which inspire a huge number of people to maintain business relationships in Singapore. Thousands of visitors travel to Singapore every year for business purpose.

Just like Singapore tourist visa, one has to apply for a Singapore business visa through an agent only. Blinkvisa helps you in getting your business visa in the smoothest way possible. Let’s look at the Singapore visa fees for business at Blinkvisa.Singapore business visa for Indians

 Get your Singapore Visa for Free: Apply it Through Blinkvisa

If you want to get your Singapore visa, Here are the simple steps to apply for the Singapore visa.

    • Visit 

Blinkvisa home page

  • Choose the type of visa from the left-most column.
  • Enter Singapore in the country column, enter your city & phone number and click on Get visa
  • Provide us with your basic information such as name, email & travel date.
  • Complete the initial Singapore visa fee of just INR 500.
  • Now you are to book an appointment with our ‘Visa Experts’. Visa experts will come to your doorstep for more personalized information and pick up your passport.

Add visa details

  • Once your visa is approved, We will intimate you via SMS and Email.
  • Complete any pending due payment & download your Singapore visa by logging into the portal.
  • All the amount you have paid will be given back to you in the form of BlinkWallet cashback.
  • You can use BlinkWallet to purchase your flight ticket, hotel bookings, activities and other travel-related stuff.

And hence, we convert your visa expenses to travel expenses.

Documents required for Singapore Visa

Singapore Visa Requirements – This the list of common documents required for both tourist and business visa.

  • Your Indian Passport with at least 6 months validity.
  • Singapore Business visa application form(Sample Application form)
  • Passport size photo as per Singapore visa specifications (you can ask the studio, it needs to be matt finish with 80% face covered)
  • Personal covering letter explaining your travel
  • Bank Statements for the last 6 months
  • Flight Tickets (optional)
  • Hotel Reservations if any (optional)

Singapore Visa FAQ

What is Singapore eVisa?

A Singapore eVisa is an electronic Singapore visa which can be applied through authorized visa agents like  Blinkvisa. When you apply for an eVisa, you don’t need to visit physically the Immigration & Checkpoint Authority of Singapore (ICA) to collect the physical sticker visa.

How long does it take to get a Singapore visa?

It generally takes 3 to 5 business days to get your eVisa for Singapore. The embassy has authorized part partners in most of the cities. So depending on the place of application may also bring a change in the time taking to process your visa. So it is safe to apply for the visa at least 15 days ahead of the travel date so that the last minute worries can be avoided.

Can I apply for a Singapore tourist visa online?

Yes. One can easily apply for Singapore visa online by logging into Applying for your visa through Blinkvisa not only helps you to get your visa in the easiest way but it will also give 100% cashback on Singapore visa fees to make you get your visa for FREE.

Can I extend my tourist visa in Singapore?

Yes! You can extend your tourist visa in Singapore if you follow some conditions. One can apply for only one extension of your visa on the current trip.  One can apply for a maximum of 30 days extension of Singapore tourist visa.

Is Singapore tourist visa fees refundable?

You can get a 100% refund on Singapore tourist visa fees in case your visa is rejected. You can get this 100% refund only if you apply for Singapore visa Blinkvisa

What is the Singapore tourist visa fees for Indians?

The Singapore tourist visa fees for Indians is INR 2390 at Blinkvisa. But you applying your visa through Blinkvisa will offer you 100% cashback on your Singapore visa fee.


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