Malaysia Visa Requirements Checklist- Updated 2020

Malaysia visa requirements are simple with just a few scanned copies. The introduction of the e-visa has helped immensely with the increase in Indian tourists to Malaysia.

Update – 2020 :

You can now get a Malaysia visa from India for free on You will get 100% cashback on your entire visa fee and with Blinkvisa, use the cashback to book the flight, Hotel, Activities to do in Malaysia all at cost price.

This article lets you know more about how to get a tourist visa for Malaysia. If you are looking for information about a work visa or student visa, then this article would not help you with that process.

Malaysia visa with Blinkvisa

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Blinkvisa Travel Plan

The Indian travel market is one of the fastest-growing in the world. Countries are trying to woo Indian tourists with easy visa plans. Malaysia has always been a favorite for Asian travelers. It provides a reasonably priced experience. At the same time, it lets you enjoy many cultural connections to the sub-continent. The e-visa is one such measure that has helped increase the number of Indian tourists in Malaysia. 

Malaysia visa- The general information

There are four types of Malaysia eVisa for Malaysia tourism.

All the visas below are valid for up to 3 months from the date of issue and can be used for both visit/tourism purpose

Malaysia Visa Types & Fees

Malaysia visa requirements for Indian citizens

Documentation is very important for your visa application. Here are the documents which you need to submit for the Malaysia visa. 

  • Scan copy of the current passport. Make sure it has a validity of at least 6 months from the dates of travel. Your passport should have at least 2 blank pages for your Malaysia exit and entry stamps.
  • You also need to send a scanned copy of your passport’s first page and last page. The scanned copies should be clear to avoid further to and fro communication that will eat into your precious time.
  • If you have done any traveling using the passport, then a scanned copy of your last trip stamps will also be needed.

Malaysia visa requirements

  • The applicant’s scanned photograph is a must. Specifications state that the picture must be 35mm X 50 mm. For the e-visa application, your photo image must be in png or jpg format. Ensure that the file size does not exceed 2 MB.

Malaysia visa photo requirements

  •  A PDF document showing your confirmed return tickets. 
  • Confirmed proof of accommodation. 

The requirements for the Malaysia eNTRI visas are the same as the e-visa requirements. The time allowance and waived fees being the only major difference. You can apply for the eNTRI and enjoy a hassle-free Malaysia visa procedure for just INR 1800.

Click to Apply for Malaysia Visa with Blinkvisa

Malaysia visa fees

For INR 1800, you can have a hassle-free experience by applying for an e-visa and enjoy perks like hotel and flight booking assistance and free insurance consultancy.

Malaysia Visa Fees

Malaysia visa processing time

The e-visa processing takes one working day and we will deliver it to you in 2 days! 

Malaysian e-visa validity

    • The Malaysia e-Visa is valid for only 3 months. Your planned trip will have to fall within these 3 months otherwise the visa will be void and you will have to re-apply.
    • A Malaysia e-Visa holds good for just one trip, making it an ideal choice for tourists. If you plan to visit Malaysia again within those 3 months, you will still need to apply for a new e-Visa. If you are planning regular trips within a short period, a better option would be to apply offline.
  • The Malaysian e-Visa allows you to stay and travel around the country for not more than 30 days.

There is, of course, another option in Malaysia eNTRI visa which includes no visa fees for Indians who are traveling for less than 15 days to Malaysia. But you need to, however, pay processing fee which is for VFS and it costs you about Rs.2500. You can get all the information you need about the Malaysia eNTRI visa in our article.

Travel itinerary

When you are applying for your e-visa with Blinkvisa, you will get all your Malaysia visa requirements, including travel and stay proofs. Pre-book your flights and hotels via Blinkvisa. It is just for documentation purpose. You can maintain the freedom of choosing your accommodation and flights once the visa is approved. 

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is mandatory while traveling abroad. It covers certain travel-centric scenarios that the regular insurance will not. Some of the common areas of coverage uses are loss of belongings, documents, medical emergencies, and evacuations. You can reach out for assistance when it comes to choosing your travel insurance.

Beware of Fake Malaysia visa agents and scams

First of all, be careful of the many websites that ask for full payment and promise to get your Malaysia visa. They are likely to disappear once you have completed the payment.

With Blinkvisa, make an initial payment of just Rs.500 for the processing. Once you get the Malaysia visa approval, you will get a visa identification number. Besides, you can use this number to verify the visa on the official government website. Finally, once you verify the visa, go on and make the full payment.

There are only two websites which we would recommend :

  • ( INR 500 payment, Malaysia visa experts, have a solid team and customer & chat support, cheaper option )
  • (Official channel for Malaysia visa, poor implementation and frequent crashes, cheapest option, the visa will be rejected if you do not know what to do)

Avoid all other websites which will only scam you of our money. Therefore, speak to the travel agent and clear your doubts before you apply for a visa.

How to apply for Malaysia tourist visa for Indians

We can help you get the right visa for you with only 2 documents. You just need to email us the necessary documents.

The process of application of a Malaysia visa for Indians is very simple when you have our expertise at your disposal.

When you are applying for a Malaysia eVISA or an eNTRI visa through Blinkvisa follow these steps:

  • Fill your Malaysia visa application form
  • Make the initial payment INR 500 of the fee and upload the required documents
  • Wait for the visa experts to call after your visa gets approved
  • Verify the status of your visa yourself and make the remaining payment

We will follow-up on your visa application to ensure that your Malaysia visa is approved in the fastest time possible.

Pay the full amount only after your Malaysia visa is approved.

Besides, the agent will provide you with the visa identification number.

You can verify the visa approval on the official government website and then make full payment.

Getting Your Paperwork Done

As Indians, we all know how paperwork can be intimidating. When a foreign trip is discussed, all the excitement gets tempered a bit with the documentation details that are required. However, online visas have minimal paperwork processes. 

Going to Malaysia is an adventure of a lifetime. A healthy bilateral relationship exists between India and Malaysia. The  Malaysia visa have made visiting this fascinating country even more convenient for Indians. 

The Different Visa Routes


When it comes to Malaysia tourist visa requirements for Indian citizens, let’s start with the most traditional – the offline approach. An offline visa application is ideal for those who are planning for multiple trips. The online e-visas allow single entry to Malaysia. On the other hand, an offline visa allows you multiple entries to the country.

The Tourist-Friendly Option

An offline procedure that gets you a multiple-entry visa is a cumbersome process.  Multiple entries are probably not required for a vacation. The Malaysian government has made things easy for travelers with the options of Malaysia e-visa and eNTRI visa.

With the e-visa option, all your travel planning can happen from the comfort of your keyboard. You do not have to worry about visiting the consulate. Besides, you do not need to go through awkward interview processes. There is also no struggling with all the documentation either.

Apply for your e-visa services through Blinkvisa. You can leave the running around work to the experts. Let us discuss these easy online options for your Malaysia trip.

For just Rs 3580 you can fulfill your Malaysia visa requirements. It is more like an enjoyable and hassle-free experience. A Malaysia e-visa allows a single entry and you can stay in the country for up to 30 days. You can apply for your Malaysia e-visa and get it back in 2 days.

Reduce Costs – Apply with a Trusted Provider

The biggest concern when we apply for a visa is the costs involved. You must present a proof of accommodation and the confirmed flights. If the visa does not get approved and there is an unforeseen change of plans, a lot of money is wasted on cancellation fees. 

Sometimes the loss is complete since the plane tickets and hotel bookings are non-refundable. It would be very inconvenient when your visa is not even confirmed. These scenarios can cause many sleepless nights, but all this can be averted with the right experts.

Guaranteed e-Visa

We give firm guidance to fulfill your Malaysia visa requirements. You can rest assured that your visa will be approved. In a worst-case and very unlikely scenario where your Malaysia e-visa is not approved, you will get a refund. 

Malaysia eNTRI Visa – Short Trips, Equal Convenience

Earlier in 2017, the Malaysian government made another addition with the visa options for traveling Indians. The new eNTRI (Electronic Travel Registration & Information) scheme is ideal for short trips. Introduced in April 2017, the eNTRI scheme is now extended in the tenure. It has brought more number of tourists as well. 

Applying for a Malaysia e-visa is now just a formality. It has such a convenient procedure and service in place. Get your documents in place and leave the rest to us. Enjoy exploring a country that is a blend of east and west. It breathes history and culture. The mighty volcanoes to beach sunsets will entice you. The glitzy shopping paradises to vibrant cultural escapades will fill your heart. All these awaits you in Malaysia. Start planning now.


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