Is Malaysia Visa Free?

Is Malaysia Visa Free

Is Malaysia visa-free? It is a loaded question that pops in mind when planning a trip to Malaysia. Incidentally, it is true. However, it applies to a specific type of visa. Moreover, there are certain hidden charges as well! So, let’s find out if Malaysia visa is really free for Indians or not. And if yes, what are the terms and conditions.

Malaysia visa is free for Indians and Chinese nationals. However, the processing fee and convenience fee is charged by the government for every free Malaysia visa. So, which is the Malaysia visa which is free?

Malaysia eNTRI Visa is Free of Cost?

The Malaysian government introduced Malaysia eNTRI or Electronic Travel Registration and Information. They endeavoured to increase the number of Indian and Chinese visitors travelling to Malaysia. While there are other types of Malaysia visas, the Malaysia eNTRI visa is a special privilege granted to Indians and Chinese nationals only. And what makes an eNTRI further special is the fact that it is a free visa. That being said, although Malaysia visa is free, the government of Malaysia charges a processing and convenience fee for every eNTRI visa.

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Malaysia Visa Cashback

Malaysia eNTRI at a glance

entri visa Malaysia

Malaysia eNTRI Visa Hidden Costs

While the Malaysian government claims that a Malaysia eNTRI visa is free, they also claim to charge a fixed processing and convenience fee. Thus, though a free visa, it is not unconditionally free.

Did you know?

The Malaysian government charges a processing fee and convenience fee of INR 1744 for each Malaysia eNTRI

An Overview on Malaysia Visa Fee

Earlier, we stated that not all types of Malaysia visa for Indians are free. Thus, below is the Malaysia visa price chart that will give you a brief on the different types of Malaysia visas.

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Malaysia Visa Fees

Get a 100% Cashback on all the Malaysia visa only at Blinkvisa While Malaysia eNTRI is technically not a free visa thanks to the processing and convenience charges sought by the Malaysia government, you can still get value for your money. And, how is that?

Malaysia eNTRI processing and convenience fee as charged by the Malaysian Immigration Office is INR 1900. Hence, at Blinkvisa, we charge the same. However, we also provide a 100% cashback on eNTRI Malaysia. Meaning, the processing and convenience charges are credited back to you as cashback.

Note: Only at Blinkvisa, we provide a cashback on the government processing and convenience fee.

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How does cashback work?

The cashback is credited as Blinkcash into your Blinkwallet which is linked to your registered user id. While you apply for an eNTRI with other visa agents, they may charge the same or more. Needless to say, only at Blinkvisa, you get the complete visa fees (including Blinkvisa charges and 18% GST) as cashback. Isn’t this akin to a free eNTRI visa?

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What are the Malaysia eNTRI Visa Requirements?

Although only the Malaysia eNTRI visa is free (not including the processing and convenience charges), the Malaysia visa documents required are the same for all the Malaysia visa types.


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How to apply for Malaysia eVisa?

  1. Visit Blinkvisa
  2. Select the country and visa type and click on the ‘Get Visa’ button
  3. Fill in your basic details like email, tentative travel date, etc.
  4. Pay only INR 500 to initiate the visa application process. Immediately receive the complete visa fee as cashback
  5. Upload the documents requested by our visa expert.
  6. Receive your visa within a working day.

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Malaysia Visa FAQs

1. Is Malaysia visa free for Indians?

Only Malaysia eNTRI visa is free. Nevertheless, the Malaysian government charges the processing and convenience fee upto INR 1900.

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2. Is Malaysia business visa free for Indians?

Only eNTRI visa is free (not including processing and convenience fee charged by the Malay government). That being said, Malaysia business visa is not free.

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3. Is there a Malaysia visa on arrival for Indians?

Although there is a Malaysia visa on arrival for Indians, it is not recommended. For more information, read Malaysia Visa on Arrival

4. What are the other types of Malaysia eVisa?

At Blinkvisa, we process the following types of Malaysia eVisa;

Single-entry Malaysia visa

Multiple-entry Malaysia visa

Malaysia 1-year multiple-entry visa

The single-entry and multiple-entry visas enable a continuous stay of 30 days. However, in the case of multiple-entry type, for each entry made, one can stay for 30 days until the validity expires. Both types of visas are tourist visas.

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