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Malaysia Visa Cashback

As a frequent traveller, it was always shocking when we had to pay 1000s of rupees and the time it took for us to get our travel visas. We had taken a family trip to Malaysia in 2016 and we paid close to INR 11,300 to get our Malaysia eVISA, which is just a piece of paper with our passport number and name on it.

But in 2019 when we visited Malaysia again, we came across a new travel startup named Blinkvisa, which was amazing for travellers like us.

Blinkvisa is a travel startup which wants to convert all your visa expense into travel expense. 

Malaysia eVISA costs INR 3580 and we got a full 100% cashback of our entire visa fees.

Blinkvisa has pre – contracted hotel, flight & activity prices which were atleast INR 500 cheaper when compared to other websites and when we made use of our cashback to book our travel needs.

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And not only that, they have offline connections with hotels & activities throughout Malaysia. I had chosen “FRASER PLACE KUALA LUMPUR” for my stay and the online price was INR 6,500 per day, But after emailing them, I got the same hotel at INR 5300.

Also, I wanted to take Genting Highland and on viator the price was 2170 per person . But with blinkvisa, I was able to get it at 1700 per person including free glass gondola ride (my family loved it) which can be around INR 600 per person.

But you must ask them for providing you with this special pricing, so drop an email to and he will send you the offline pricing. Here is a video that explains the whole process.

Three reasons to get your Malaysia visa with Blinkvisa

  1. 100% cashback of your Malaysia visa Fees.
  2. Trust. You pay only INR 500 to begin your Malaysia visa process. Only when your visa is approved you have to pay the balance amount. No other travel agency would agree for this since close to 10% of visas are rejected by Malaysia.
  3. Excellent Travel Deals.  BlinkVisa works on bulk discounted model where you get the full benefits of the deal.

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