Malaysia Visa for Indian Citizens : Overview and Types

Malaysia visa for Indian

Malaysia is a beautiful country to visit.  This country contains everything required to become an ideal holiday destination. People from many different countries flock here to spend their vacations. Even a huge number of Indians visit Malaysia every year. A study reveals the data that 2,95,609  Indians visited Malaysia from January to May 2019.

Every Indian visiting Malaysia must obtain a visa. The Malaysian embassy offers three different types of Malaysia visas for Indian passport holders. So if you are planning to visit Malaysia, you should know which visa is ideal for you.

Obtaining a visa for Malaysia can cost you up to INR 3780. Going through this blog will give you an extensive idea of the types of Malaysia visa available for Indians citizens and how you can get it without any additional cost for your trip.

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Types of Malaysia Visa for Indian Citizens

Indians can apply for three types of Malaysia visa for tourism or visiting purpose.
Malaysia eNTRI visa
Malaysia 30 Days Single Entry Visa
Malaysia 30 Days Multiple Entry Visa
Malaysia 1 Year Multiple Entry Visa

Malaysia Visa Types & Fees

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All three types of visas can be used for tourism purposes but when it comes to choosing one, you are to keep some points in mind. However, all three types of Malaysia visas are can be availed by Indian citizens.

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When to apply for Malaysia eNTRI visa?

You can apply for a Malaysia eNTRI visa when you need an urgent visa. The eNTRI visa generally takes less time for processing hence for an urgent trip, you should opt for eNTRI.

When to apply for Malaysia single entry visa?

eVisa gives you a longer stay period as well as validity. For a pre-planned tour, eVisa is the ideal choice. This will also give you a chance to alter your travel dates if required.

When to apply for Malaysia multiple entry visa?

Malaysia Multiple entry visa is ideal when your travel plan does not only include Malaysia. If you plan to travel for two or more countries along with Malaysia and want to enter Malaysia for more than once, you should opt for this type of visa. This type of visa is also recommended when you are on a business trip and need to enter frequently into the country.

Documents Required for Malaysia Visa

The list of required documents is very simple for Malaysia visa for Indians. You need to submit only a few necessary documents. There are no additional documents required. Here are the Malaysia visa requirements

  • A copy of the first and last pages of passport having 6 months’ validity and 3 blank pages
  • Copy of any old passports, especially if you have any previous visas issued from Malaysia or any other countries
  • Malaysia visa photo (size as per specifications)
  • Confirmed return flight tickets (mandatory only for eNTRI visa)
  • Hotel reservation or proof of accommodation
  • Birth certificate if the applicant is a minor

Malaysia Visa Photo Specifications

The Malaysian government is very strict about the photo specifications. Any change in these specifications is one of the top reasons for visa rejection.

Here are the specifications and details of the Malaysia visa photo size for Indians

  • Malaysia visa photo size should be 35mm x 50mm
  • Photo must be taken against a white background without any shadows
  • There should be no frame or borders around the picture
  • Face must have at least 80% of coverage without restrictions
  • Photo must be recent (within the last 6 months)

The Concluding Lines

Indians can apply for any of the three visa types for Malaysia depending on the travel plan. All three visas are online hence requires not much effort to get it. One just needs to make the travel plan first so that the ideal visa type can be chosen easily.

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