Malaysia VISA from Indonesia

Malaysia visa from Indonesia

Do you know that India and Indonesia share a border along the Andaman and Nicobar Islands? The friendship between the nations goes back to many years and that is the reason why you will find many Indians in Indonesia. This article talks about how an Indian can get a Malaysia eVISA from Indonesia.

Malaysia is a beautiful country and it attracts tourists from all over the world. From architectural marvels that touch the sky to the untouched pristine beauty of nature, Malaysia has all.

Many Indians living in Indonesia thinks that they do not need a visa to enter Malaysia as Indonesians do not. Many also think that they cannot apply for their Malaysia visa from Indonesia.

The bad news is that you do need a visa to enter Malaysia. And, the good news is that you can apply for it from Indonesia itself. What you need to apply for is a Malaysia eVISA.

We received close to 340 applications for Malaysian visas from Indians living in Indonesia. We will tell how you can apply for one.

Malaysia eVISA statistics from Indonesia

We will also answer some of the queries that people have regarding Malaysian visas.

Do Indians living in Indonesia need a visa to enter Malaysia? Can they apply for the same from Indonesia?

Yes, if you are an Indian and you are planning a trip to Malaysia, you will need to apply for a visa.

There is, of course, the visa on arrival facility. However, in this case, you will have to pay close to INR 7,000 for a single visa. This is way more than what you will need to pay if you apply before.

Also, you do not have to visit the embassy to apply for your visa. You can get the Malaysia eVISA right at your home or office. All you need to do is fill our online form.

Click here to apply for your Malaysia visa from Indonesia

What are the types of Malaysia visas available online?

In order to apply for your Malaysia eVISA, you will have to know its types.

The table below explains the different types of Malaysia visas online and their costs:

Name of visa 30 days eVisa 15 days eVisa Malaysia eNTRI visa
Total days of Stay 30 days 15 days only 15 days only
Visa fees INR 4000 INR 3000 INR 2800
Single Entry/ Multiple Entry Multiple Entry Multiple Entry Single Entry Only
Can enter from? Any Country Any Country Direct from India, Thailand, Singapore
Days before application 20 days 20 days 2 to 3 days
Know about Malaysia eVISA scams

Malaysia eVISA scams are very common. You will come across innumerable websites that will claim that they will get your Malaysia visa done.

These websites are just there to scam you. They take your money and run away. That is why it is important that you apply for your Malaysia eVISA at the right place.

You never are required to make a payment of more than 10-25% of the visa fee initially. You have to pay the remaining only after your visa gets approved. You can check the status of your visa on the government website itself.

We recommend the following two websites for your Malaysia eVISA:

  • (A cheap option where Malaysia visa experts take care of all your requirements, you just need to pay 10% of the visa fee initially)
  • (Official website for Malaysia visa that crashes too often and also rejects many visa applications)

Beware of malaysia visa scammers

Follow these steps for your Malaysia eVISA

Whether you are applying for a Malaysia eVISA or an eNTRI visa, you will need to do the following:

  • Fill your Malaysia visa application form
  • Make the initial payment of 10% of the fee and upload the required documents
  • Wait for the visa experts to call after your visa gets approved
  • Verify the status of your visa yourself and make the remaining payment
How to apply for Malaysia eVISA from Indonesia?

Apply for your Malaysia eVISA is easy. We will help you in the application process and you would not have to worry about flight tickets and hotel reservations as well.

Having confirmed flight and hotel reservations is important for Malaysia eVISA approval. However, booking flights and hotels before visa approval, is a risk that you should not take.

What if your visa gets rejected? You will end losing a lot of money. This is where we can help you. We will help you with confirmed flight and hotel reservations, and you do not have to make any bookings in advance.

Following are the steps for a Malaysia eVISA from Indonesia:

Step 1: Visit our website for Malaysia eVISA and click on ‘Buy Malaysia visa @ INR 2800‘.

Official website for Malaysia e-visa

Step 2: You will land on a new page. Here you will have to choose your ‘visa type‘. You can refer to the table above or let our experts help you.

Step 3: Now you will have the fill the application form. Furnish all the details asked for. You will have to pay 10% of the visa fee now. Our agent will call and explain the next steps.

Malaysia eVISA form

Please note that if you are planning to leave for Malaysia in the same week, you will have to make the full payment at the time of the visa application. This is in accordance with the Malaysia official visa rules.

You can also apply on the official Malaysian website.

Documents required for a Malaysia eVISA or an eNTRI visa

You will need to upload the following documents for your Malaysia eVISA or eNTRI visa:

  • Make sure your passport has a validity of at least 6 months. It also needs to pay two blank pages for the entry and exit stamps.
  • You will also need to upload a scanned copy of your recent photograph. The dimensions of the photo should be 35mm x 50mm and its size should not be more than 2MB. Also, ensure that the photo is in the PNG or JPG format. 

Please give these specifications to your local studio guy. Your visa application will get rejected if these specifications are not met with. If you are applying for Malaysia visa through us, our graphic designers will ensure the correct specifications.

Malaysia evisa photo requirements


  • You will need to upload a scanned copy of your passport’s first page. If you have two, scan the first page of the latest one which is valid. This document also needs to be in the PNG or the JPG format. Check the image below to get an idea.

Malaysia evisa requirements

  • A scanned copy of your passport’s last page. The requirements are same as above.

Malaysia evisa passport back page

  • A scanned copy of your passport’s page that shows your last international travel details.

Malaysia evisa requirement last visit

  • Confirmed flight tickets to and from Indonesia. This needs to be a PDF document. 

Apply through us and we will arrange for this document. You do not have to worry about losing money in case your visa gets rejected.

  • Confirmed hotel reservations for your entire stay in Malaysia. This also needs to be a PDF format.

Let us arrange for this as well. We have trusted travel agencies in Malaysia that will give your hotel confirmation for your entire stay, something that is required for the application of a Malaysia eVISA. You can make your bookings, once your visa gets approved.

What are the costs of different Malaysia online visas?

Check the image below to know the different costs. The costs show are inclusive of 18% GST:

Different Malaysia visa fees

Example of Malaysia eNTRI note

Take a look at the image below:

example of an eNTRI visa

Verifying the status of your Malaysia online visas on the official government website

Following are the steps to verfy the status of a Malaysia visa officially:

Step 1: Visit the official website for Malaysia visa verification.

verify malaysia evisa/entri

Step 2: Enter your passport number followed by the sticker number. Choose your visa type, enter the captcha code and click on ‘Check‘.

Check the image below to know where you will find the sticker number:

Malaysia evisa/entri note sticker letter

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