Malaysia eNTRI visa for indians – Updated for 2019

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Although Indians could get Malaysia eVisa online with us from 2016, it took about 2 to 15 days to be approved and this was too slow for some eager travellers. Also the cost was too high .

Update – 2019 :

You can now get Malaysia visa for free on .  You will get 100% cashback on your entire visa fee and with blinkvisa, use cashback to book flight , Hotel, Activities to do in Malaysia , all at cost price.

Watch video on how to get Malaysia visa for free. 


But from April 2017, Indians can now get an eNTRI note (Arrival registration) and enter Malaysia for a period of 15 days. This visa was previously only given to Chinese citizens and now it is possible for Indians to get it as well.

The main benefit of eNTRI visa is it will be approved the same day, usually within 1 to 2 hours and in worst case, 2 days. Malaysia eNTRI visa can be used anytime within the next 3 months and it works for both tourism and visiting purpose.

Name of visa Malaysia eNTRI visa 30 days Single entry eVisa 30 days Multiple entry eVisa
Total days of Stay 15 days only 30 days 30 days
Visa fees INR 2800 INR 4000 INR 4500
Single Entry/ Multiple Entry Single Entry Only Single Entry Only Multiple Entry
Can enter from? Direct from India, Thailand, Singapore and Brunei Any Country Any Country
Days before application 1 to 2 working days 2 to 7 working days 2 to 7 working days

Beware of Fake Malaysia visa agents and scams

First off, be careful of 10s of websites which are online and promise to get you Malaysia visa and once you have completed the payment, disappear all together.

Ideally, make an advance payment of say 10 to 25% before your visa is approved. Once your Malaysia visa is approved, agent will then provide you with your visa identification number which you can verify on the official government website and only then make full payment.

There are only two websites which we would recommend :

  • ( 10% payment , Malaysia visa experts, have a solid team and customer & chat support ,cheaper option )
  • (Official channel for Malaysia visa, poor implementation and frequent crashes, cheapest option, visa will be rejected if you do not know what to do)

Avoid all other websites which will only scam you of our money . Ideally speak to the travel agent and clear your doubts before you apply for visa.

Malaysia eNTRI visa fees for Indians

Since 2015, Malaysia government fees which was INR 1000 has been waived off for Malaysia 15 days eVISA  as well as Malaysia eNTRI visa for Indians. But VFS fees as well as GST +VAT+ card processing fees are still applicable. See the table below to know the cost of Malaysia visa for Indians. We have added our fee charges as well.

Malaysia visa fees Malaysia eNTRI visa Malaysia 30 days eVisa Malaysia 30 days Multiple eVisa
VFS Fees INR 1750 INR 1750 INR 1750
Government Fees Nil INR 1000 INR 1350
Our Fees INR 600 INR 800 INR 800
IGST INR 432 INR 495 INR 495
Total Cost INR 2800 INR 4000 INR 4500

How to apply for Malaysia eNTRI visa for Indians ?

Being a registered visa agent, we can help you get your Malaysia eNTRI note within the same day with only 2 documents

  • Scanned copy of your passport first and last page including your last travel stamp page if any.
  • your passport size photograph with pure white background.

We can use our own internal flight and hotel booking software to make temporary bookings for you. Once your visa is approved you can make the actual bookings for your trip.

Click here to fill Malaysia eVisa form
Fill out my online form.

How to apply for Malaysia visa for Indians ?

The process to apply for Malaysia visa for Indians is very simple when you have our expertise at your disposal.

All you need to do is fill our Malaysia visa initiation form below and we will handle everything for you.

Once you have completed the above form, we will call you and explain the entire process of Malaysia visa. This includes the documents needed for Malaysia visa for Indians, the charges as well as keep you posted about your visa application .

Whether you are applying for a Malaysia eVISA or an eNTRI visa, you will need to do the following:

  • Fill your Malaysia visa application form
  • Make the initial payment of 10% of the fee and upload the required documents
  • Wait for the visa experts to call after your visa gets approved
  • Verify the status of your visa yourself and make the remaining payment

We will contact the embassy and follow-up on your visa application and ensure that your Malaysia visa is approved in the fastest time possible .

Requirements for Malaysia visa for Indians in 2019

You will need to upload the following documents for your Malaysia eVISA or eNTRI visa:

  • Make sure your passport has a validity of at least 6 months. It also needs to have two blank pages for the entry and exit stamps.
  • A scanned copy of your recent photograph as per below specifications. When applying with us, if you can send a clear passport photo of you captured in your phone, we can edit it as per Malaysia visa specifications

Your visa application will get rejected if these specifications are not met with. If you are applying for Malaysia visa through us, our graphic designers will ensure the correct specifications.

Malaysia evisa photo requirements

  • You will need to upload a scanned copy of your passport’s first page. If you have two, scan the first page of the latest one which is valid. This document also needs to be in the PNG or the JPG format. Check the image below to get an idea.

Malaysia evisa requirements

  • A scanned copy of your passport’s last page. The requirements are same as above.

Malaysia evisa passport back page

  • A scanned copy of your passport’s page that shows your last international travel details.

Malaysia evisa requirement last visit

  • Confirmed flight tickets to and from India. This needs to be a PDF document. If you do not have this document we can get temporary flight and hotel for your visa purpose.

Apply through us and we will arrange for this document. You do not have to worry about losing money in case your visa gets rejected.

  • Confirmed hotel reservations for your entire stay in Malaysia. This also needs to be a PDF format.

Let us arrange for this as well. We have trusted travel agencies in Malaysia that will give your hotel confirmation for your entire stay, something that is required for the application of a Malaysia eVISA. You can make your bookings, once your visa gets approved and not risk your own money.

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Why should we apply for Malaysia eNTRI visa from you ?

We are have been providing Malaysia eVisa service for well over 2 years for our customers . Malaysia eVisa has definitely made it easier for one to get online visa .However, their strict rules mean that not everybody passes the process and receives their Visa. For those who don’t pass, besides being a huge disappointment, it is also a huge financial loss as the Visa application requires you to make hotel and plane reservations before applying. Cancellation of these means some part of your deposit is lost. 

Our service can help you get your Malaysia eVISA without making your flight and hotel bookings in advance. 

The processing fee is revised to $20, but the processing fee includes other fees such as miscellaneous fee,cross border fee, convenience fee and an additional $12 for express delivery. This brings the cost for a single visa process to $42 if you opt for express delivery !!.

A great piece of news for Indians is the recent announcement of waiving the Malaysia entry visa for Indian passport holders

With us you will be getting express delivery as well as customer support for you for free. 

We have already established our expertise and authority in terms of visas by assisting thousands of applicants with their Schengen Visa. Now we hope to help thousands more who are aspiring to travel to the lovely land of Malaysia. 

malaysia evisa for indians

Required documents for Malaysia eNTRI

Passport and Document Requirements: The applicant must have a passport that is at least valid for 6 months and a minimum of two pages in the passport need to be blank. This is for the entry and exit stamps.

Specific Photograph Requirements: One of the reasons for rejection of a Malaysia visa is that the photo details are not met. It is better to double check that you have the right photos before you send them in along with the application. The photographs must be professionally taken in a studio, cropped photos, selfies and scans are not allowed. It must be on a white background and without a border of any sort. The applicant is allowed to wear eyeglasses as long as there is not any glare and head covering is not allowed unless they are for religious reasons. There needs to be 70% visibility of the applicant’s face and needs to be a recent photograph (not taken more than 3 months prior to applying). It is better to consult an expert to evaluate your photos before submitting.

Proof of Travel and Stay: As important as the specific requirements of the photograph are, the travel and stay requirements are as crucial. You will be required to send in details of your confirmed flights to Malaysia (including the E-Ticket number) in a PDF format. You need to send in details of your tickets out of Malaysia as well. In addition to this, send in your accommodation details in a PDF format for the entire duration of your stay in the country. 

Financial Requirements: Showing proof of a certain amount in your bank account is common for many countries. In the case of Malaysia, it is true for those applicants who are applying for a fresh passport i.e. for those who have never traveled out of the country with that passport. The minimum balance required varies from 30,000 for an individual to 60,000 for the individual who is bearing all the expenses. You should double check before you apply.

Steps for Approval Process: The approval process for the Malaysian Visa takes three steps. First, once you make the necessary payment, the status becomes ‘submitted’ and before approval or rejection, the status may change to ‘validated’

Print Out of Your Visa: Once the status of your Malaysia eNTRI Visa for Indian becomes ‘approved’, you will receive a confirmation email for the same. Very soon after this, you will also get another email with a link from where you can download your visa. You should download and print the Visa because they will ask for a hard copy when you land.

Entry Requirements: You can enter the country via air or on land. Nevertheless, there are specific requirements set out for the same. If you choose to travel by land, you can only do so via Sarwak, Johar, and Perlis. In case of flights, Indians can travel on a direct flight to Malaysia, or do so via Brunei, Singapore and Thailand.

Malaysia eNTRI Visa for Indians: How to Get the Application Right

In this article, we discuss the requirements of a tourist e-Visa or e-ENTRI. There are other processes involved in student visas or work visas or other immigration processes. Each has their own specific needs and must not be confused with this process which is only for the purpose of tourism. Here, we have studied and put together some crucial points to get this application right:

An E-Visa Permit: It is important to understand the features of the e-Visa. The e-Visa for Malaysia is only valid for those who are going to the country to experience the country as a tourist or if you wish to visit someone in the country. It does not give you permission to work in the country in any way and if found guilty of doing the same, the consequences can be severe. This type of visa is a single-entry visa which means that you cannot leave the country and re-enter with the same e-Visa, you will have to re-apply. This visa is also valid for 3 months from the date you get your visa and the maximum amount of time you can stay there for is 30 days using Malaysia eVisa.

You can read more about our Malaysia eVisa here.

Understand the Difference Between e-Visa and e-NTRI: The main difference between the two is the duration of stay. While the e-Visa allows the person to stay in Malaysia for at least 30 days, the Malaysia ENTRI visa for Indians only lets them stay for 15 days. Since 15 days may not be sufficient to sample all of what Malaysia has to offer, we suggest you take the 30-day eVisa and truly experience a slice of their Asia.

Go Through a Simple Immigration Procedure: Once you reach Malaysia, you will be required to go through immigration. If you have all your documents in order, this will be a fairly simple process. To avoid any last minute panic, have your Visa (eVisa/eNTRI), your boarding pass, travel funds (travelers’ cheques, cash, or cards), flight tickets back to India (confirmed) and your accommodation details in Malaysia. These are the main documents that you will be asked for and if you have them in a separate bag that is easy to reach rather than stuffed in with your main luggage, the process is bound to go smoother. On your way out, you will be asked to show your Visa document again.

Visa Aids: Besides the assistance of the Malaysian Visa website (which has a very handy Live Chat window) to make the process of applying to Malaysia easier. They also have a responsive customer care system to help applicants along. The easiest method of acquiring a Malaysia eNTRI visa for Indian Citizens has proven to be using a company that knows the Visa process well and knows exactly what needs to be done. From filling in the paperwork to arranging your stay, these companies are professionals at making your holiday as hassle-free as possible.

Visa Exemption: Nationals of certain countries do not require Visa to enter the country including those who hold passports of Australia, France, the USA, and the UK among others. These nationals are able to stay in the country for up to 90 days on a tourist basis. Those from Singapore, Malta, Greece and Russia have a 30-day permit. While those from Macau, Palestine, Libya and Iraq (among others) have a 14-day permit. 

Sightseeing Doesn’t Get Better than This

A feast for the taste buds: Malaysia’s Penang is said to be the country’s food capital and people are able to sample delicacies from street food to high-end gastronomical fusions. Most places do not list pork on the menu as the country has a large Muslim population and this is against their religion.

A feast for the Eyes: From the colorful skyscrapers of Kuala Lumpur and Penang to the lush green lands of Malaysian Borneo are a treat for any nature-lover. Sabah boasts of a world-class diving experience and Mt Kinabalu is the country’s highest peak. The pace here is less hurried and you are able to enjoy your stay much better.

How can We Help?

We have already established our expertise and authority in terms of visas by assisting thousands of applicants with their Schengen Visa. Now we hope to help thousands more who are aspiring to travel to the lovely land of Malaysia. We are well versed in the necessities of the application and cut no corners in ensuring that your application is well written and checks all the right boxes.

Visas for Malaysia require you to make reservations for hotels and airplane tickets in advance and require you to show proof of the same. However, with many visas being rejected, this may often cause financial loss. We are able to circumvent this problem by using the assistance of our travel agencies to make temporary bookings.

Rather than going through hours of paperwork, reading every line to understand the official jargon, you can leave this task to us. We ensure that no important line is left unread and enter all the accurate information.

We are able to give you, your travel e-Visa to Malaysia in a record time of 2 working days. Besides our excellent customer care services and easy processing, we give you the ultimate guarantee – if you do not receive your e-Visa, you get your money back

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