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Malaysia Visa Cashback

There is more cause for rejoicing for avid Indian travellers as the new eNTRI scheme announced by the Malaysian government allows a 15 day trip with visa fees waived off (but online VFS processing fee still applicable).

The full form of eNTRI is Electronic Travel Registration & Information and it refers to a registration facility provided by Malaysia’s government to facilitate tourist entry under the Visa-Free Program.

All the visas below are valid for upto 3 months from the date of issue and can be used for both visit/tourism purpose

Beware of Fake Malaysia visa agents and scams the only fees that you have to pay now are the processing fees, With the Malaysia eNTRI visa fees comprising only of processing fees, here is the break down of the visa cost. 

First off, be careful of 10s of websites which are online and promise to get you visa Malaysia and once you have completed the payment, disappear altogether.

Ideally, make an advance payment of say 10 to 25% before your visa is approved. Once you have completed the initial Malaysia visa fee, an agent will then provide you with your visa identification number which you can verify on the official government website and only then make full payment.

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There are only two websites which we would recommend :

  • ( 10% payment , Malaysia visa experts, have a solid team and customer & chat support ,cheaper option )
  • (Official channel for Malaysia visa, poor implementation and frequent crashes, cheapest option, visa will be rejected if you do not know what to do)

Avoid all other websites which will only scam you of our money. Ideally, speak to the travel agent and clear your doubts before you apply for visa.

What are the Malaysia ENTRI Visa fees for Indians?

Malaysia eNTRI visa cost is INR 1980 which includes the visa fees and Blinkvisa charges along with 18% GST. All you have to do is to pay just INR 500 and get your eNTRI visa application started. Once your visa is approved you can pay the balance amount.

Here is the break-up of Malaysia visa cost: 

Malaysia Visa Fees

The cost includes flight and hotel bookings charges for the documentation process. If you are travelling in a group, then you will need multiple visas, one for each travelling member and pay the Malaysia Visa fees accordingly. You can pay us online.

How to apply for Malaysia eNTRI visa with us ?

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Are there refunds on my Malaysia eNTRI visa?

With our expertise and subject matter knowledge of visa procedures, we ensure that you will not fail to get your visa. If your visa gets rejected we will give you a full refund including the VFS and consulate fees, from our own pockets. That is how confident we are about getting you approved. To learn more about our refund policies for different services, take a look at our detailed FAQ section. Highlights of our e-visa program for Malaysia will give you a great idea of our efficiency in getting your eNTRI visa, which follows a similar process.

malaysia evisa for indians

How do I enter Malaysia using the eNTRI visa?

Remember that the Malaysia eNTRI visa for Indian nationals is valid for a single journey only, lasting not more than 15 days and for the purpose of tourism.

  1. Visa applicants can choose a direct flight from India to Malaysia as one of the entry options. Flights that enter Malaysia via Thailand, Singapore, and Brunei are also a valid entry route.
  2. Visa applicants can also enter by land via the three locations of Johar, Perlis and Sarawak.
  3. A return flight ticket to India, Brunei, Singapore or Thailand is another pre-requisite for those who want to enter Malaysia under the eNTRI visa scheme.

How long is the Malaysia eNTRI Visa valid for?

After you have paid your Malaysia ENTRI Visa fees, you should receive the visa instantly. Remember to print both the v2 and v3 versions of the eNTRI visa once it is available. The Visa will be valid for 3 months, so you have to use it within that stipulated time. The Malaysia eNTRI visa for Indians offers a maximum stay of 15 days, to be covered in the 30 day validity period. Make sure that the flights, hotels and itineraries fall within this 3 month period to be able to use this eNTRI visa.

What are the immigration procedures when I enter Malaysia using the Malaysia eNTRI Visa?

The immigration procedures are fairly standard, similar to most visa checking procedures across the world. A recommendation would be to have a copy of the Malaysia eNTRI note stapled to your passport. The immigration officer will put a seal on your documentation and you may also be asked to furnish the following documents:

  1. Printout of your eNTRI Visa
  2. Your Boarding Pass
  3. Proof that you possess sufficient funds (Cash/Debit or Credit Cards/Travelers Check) to be able to cover all your expenses during the stay in Malaysia.
  4. Your confirmed returned flight tickets out of Malaysia (to India, Singapore, Brunei or Thailand)
  5. Proof of your accommodation during the planned Malaysia stay

After these procedures, you are free to officially enter Malaysia and enjoy what will be a very memorable trip. When you exit the country, the procedures are very simple and standard. You will be asked to show your Malaysia eNTRI Visa (which had been approved on entry). An exit stamp will be given, you will then be allowed to leave the country officially and another chapter of travel is added to your passport.

What if I entered the wrong information?

Be very careful when filling in your information for the Malaysia eNTRI visa. During the registration, you can change the information. Once you receive your eNTRI visa and notice mistakes you will have to do the process all over again. It is thus wise to use our service where we have 3 point check to make sure that your eNTRI note application is error-free

How will you handle my flight and accommodation documents for the Visa application?

One of the biggest headaches of having to apply for a visa is showing your proof of accommodation and confirmed flight bookings. In case your visa gets rejected or there are a change of plans, you stand to lose a lot of money from cancellation charges and in some cases total loss because there is no refund. That itself can be a deterrent to your travelling plans and is a concern that can give you sleepless nights as you wait for a visa confirmation.

If you are applying for your Malaysia eVisa with us, we will help out with this crucial and indispensable part of your documentation. We are registered travel agents so we can pre-book flights and hotels for you without you spending tons of money. When you have received your visa, you are free to make your own plans and there is no obligation to use the flights or rooms you pre-booked through us for documentation purposes. There are daily limits for pre-booking so you need to be prompt if you are travelling soon.

What about my Travel Insurance?

Another important part of travelling is getting your insurance right. Different countries have different policies for health and the last thing you want to do is shell out a lot of money for a common cold. Travel insurance is also a safety net for more emergency situations. We are travel experts and understand the possible scenarios. So we are ready to help you with getting the right insurance. You can pay us and we will get that insurance for you without any additional charges. You can travel insurance that is as cheap as 2 Euros a day for your trip.

Why is Malaysia eNTRI Visa different?

First of all, if you are planning a short trip, the eNTRI Visa saves you the hassle of the physical chase of a visa and the fees required. You can conveniently register online with the necessary details, pay the Malaysia eNTRI visa fees, get your visa approved instantly and start planning your trip. Compared to a regular Malaysia e-visa which allows you a maximum 30-day trip, the eNTRI visa is good for a trip of up to 15 days. The pre-requisites for the Malaysia eNTRI visa are the same as for the regular Malaysia e-visa. Longer trips would require you to apply for a Malaysia e-visa, which you can obtain within 2 days only. The next longest Malaysia tourist visa is available for a validity of 6 months.

The eNTRI Visa is valid for people with an Indian passport and Indians living in other countries. There are no extensions available for those travelling with the Malaysia eNTRI visa.

The requirements for the eNTRI Visa are the same as the e-visa.

  1. A passport with a least 6 months validity. (Keep ready a clear scanned copy of first and last page and most recent travel page)
  2. At least 2 empty pages for entry and exit stamps.
  3. A clear soft copy of the photography with very strict specifications in JPEG or PNG format. The file size of this photo cannot exceed 2 MB.
  4. The confirmed flight booking with the dates when you plan to enter and exit Malaysia (if you choose us as your Malaysia visa provider, we will arrange this document for you). The document needs to be in PDF format.
  5. The confirmed accommodation proof for the full duration of your Malaysia trip (if you choose us as your Malaysia visa provider, we will arrange this document for you). This document must be in PDF format.
  6. Visit the Malaysia Visa page for detailed descriptions of all the requirements.
  7. The photo requirements are very strict. To get the exact details for the photos that you have to submit, refer to the image with instructions on this page.

Malaysia Visa Fees FAQs

1. What is the Malaysia eNTRI Or Malaysia 15 day visa fees?

The Malaysia tourist visa fees and types are as follows:

Malaysia Visa Types & Fees

2. Is it mandatory to take the print out of Malaysia eNTRI note?

It is essential to take a print out of the eNTRI visa issued to you. You may either carry a hardcopy/printout or show the digitally downloaded copy of the same at the immigration counter.

3. Can you apply for a Malaysia eNTRI visa from another country if I’m a tourist visa?

The answer is NO. People visiting other countries on a tourist visa are not eligible for eNTRI visa. You need to be in India to apply for the same. Only expatriates can apply from other countries as long as they have the residence permit to show as proof.

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