Dubai Visa Guide: Everything You Need To Know

Dubai visa guide

Visiting Dubai gives you the best experience with its modern architectures, sea beaches, adventures activities, shopping experiences, business opportunities and so on. If you are planning to visit Dubai in days to come then you have to be prepared with your passport and  Dubai visa.

Dubai visa is technically known as UAE visa as Dubai is a part of the UAE. In this article, we will tell you everything you wanted to know about Dubai visa and how to get it for FREE when you apply it through Blinkvisa.

Update – 2019 :

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Apply for Dubai Visa


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Dubai Trip Plan

Dubai Visa Basics

Dubai is one of the seven emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It has welcomed 15.92 million international visitors in 2018, marking a new record. The data is released by Dubai’s Department of Tourism & Commerce Marketing.

In order to visit Dubai, one needs a valid UAE Visa. A visa for Dubai is an online visa. One can apply online for a UAE visa or through any authorized agent. Depending on the duration of the travel, different types of visas are available.

Dubai tourist visa sample

A tourist visa for UAE is required for those who are not eligible for visa-free entry. If you are an Indian passport holder, you will need a visa as India not among those countries from which people can visit UAE without a visa.A UAE Visa is free for children under the age of 18. Females below 18 years are not eligible for a UAE visa unless they are traveling with their parents. The validity of a UAE tourist visa can be 14 days to 90 days and it can be both single entry and multiple entry visas.

One can not apply for a tourist visa through the UAE embassy. It has to be applied through UAE based airlines, hotels or authorized agents.  You can apply for your UAE visa through Blinkvisa which is a trusted and authorized visa processing agent. We at Blinkvisa not only process your visa, but we also offer you additional benefits like free cover letters, assistance in travel insurance and so on. Most importantly, we process your visa for FREE! 

Let’s have a look at the different types of UAE visas-

Dubai 96 Hours Transit Visa

Any passengers transiting through the UAE’s airports have to obtain this Dubai 96 hours transit visa. This visa is neither renewable nor extendable. As the name suggests, one can stay a maximum of 96 hours in Dubai with a transit visa. One must leave the UAE within 96 hours from arrival. Let’s look at the more details-

96 hours transit visa

Dubai 30 Days Express Tourist Visa

Dubai  Express Tourist visa is a Single entry tourist visa with the validity of 58 days. A visitor can stay for a maximum of 30 days with this type of visa. It takes 3-4 days to process this type of visa. So if you are looking for a month’s holiday in Dubai, you are to apply for the 30 days express tourist visa. This visa is a paper visa that comes in the form of pdf. Here is more on 30 days express tourist visa.

30 days travel visa

Dubai 14 Days Express Tourist Visa

If you are planning to have a short visit of 14 days or lesser in Dubai, then you are to apply for this type of visa. This is a single entry visa and has to be used in tourism purposes only.  You can apply for 14 days express visa online or through authorized agents. You will have to take a print out of this visa and carry it while traveling to Dubai. Here is everything about 14 days express tourist visa-

Dubai 14 days tourist visa

Dubai 30 Days Tourist Visa

A 30 days tourist visa is a single entry and non-extendable visa. This visa is valid for 58 days and one has to leave the country before completion of 30 days from the day of entering UAE. The processing time of this type of visa is generally longer than 30 days express tourist visa. You will have to take a printout of your visa while traveling to Dubai.

Dubai 14 Days Tourist Visa

We recommend this type of visa for short trips to Dubai and when you have enough time in advance to apply for the visa. This visa takes 3 to 5 days to process. The requirements for obtaining the visa varies depending on your nationality. This is once again a single entry visa. The validity of this 14 days Dubai visa is 60 days from the issuing date.


The cost of a UAE visa

The cost of a UAE visa varies depending on the type of visa. The Dubai visa fee may also differ depending on your origin country, duration of your stay and purpose of the visit. The table below shows the cost of Dubai visa for Indian citizens.

Dubai tourist visa fee for Indians

The cost shown in the table above can be turned to ‘0’ and you can get your visa for FREE by applying it through Blinkvisa. Learn how to get your visa for free.

Documents Required for Dubai Visa

Dubai Visa Requirements – Here is the list of required documents

  • Scanned color copy of the first and last page of your Passport. The validity of your passport should be at least 6 months from the date of travel and have a minimum of 3 blank pages.
  • Scanned color copy of your passport size photograph with white background
  • Confirmed return air ticket which is required for Ok to Board (OTB) processing)

Get Dubai Visa for Free: Apply @ Blinkvisa

Get a Dubai visa for Indians for free when you apply the same through Blinkvisa!

All the amount you use in applying for the visa will be returned back to you in the form of BlinkWallet cashback. The cashback amount can be used in flight bookings, hotel bookings and buying tickets for activities. In this way, we convert your visa expenses to travel expenses. You can use the Blinkwallet amount for any of the purchases and you can get up to 11% discount.


How to Apply for Dubai Visa Online Through Blinkvisa

Step 1

Log in to

Choose the type of visa, insert UAE in the destination column, your origin city and your phone number. Now click on the ‘Get Visa‘ tab.

Step 2

You will be directed to the Dubai visa information page where all the visa related information will be provided. You can read the information and once you are to apply for the Dubai visa online.

Step 3

In the next step, you will have to give your personal information such as name, email id, phone number, number of people traveling and so on. We use your personal information to process your visa on your behalf.

 Step 4

The last step of the visa processing with Blinkvisa is making the initial payment. While applying it through Blinkvisa, you just have to make an initial payment of INR 500.

Blinkvisa payment


FAQs on UAE Visa Answered

How long does UAE visa processing take?

The processing of the Dubai visa takes from 3 to 5 business days. The processing time also depends on factors like your nationality and purpose of traveling.

Can Dubai visa be canceled?
Yes, one can easily cancel your visit/tourist visa of Dubai. You can connect with the agency through which you applied for your visa. It costs somewhere near AED 100 to AED 200 to cancel a visa.

Can a tourist visa be converted to an employment visa in UAE?
No, a tourist visa can not be converted to an employment visa in Dubai. If you are inside the UAE and want an employment visa, you will have to get a job and your employer can help you in getting your employment visa.

How many days I can stay in the UAE on a tourist visa?
The shortest validity of UAE visa is 14 days whereas the longest is of 90 days. One can apply for a single entry visa as well as for multiple entry visa.

Can UAE tourist visa be converted to a residence visa?
Yes, one can convert their canceled visa or current visit visa into a residence visa by paying AED 650. One has to pay this amount in the immigration center to stay inside the country.

There is only one difference between a tourist visa and visit visa. With a tourist visa, one needs to exit the country after the possible stay of 30/90 days. This type of visa is exclusively for tourists who visit for leisure activities. The other is the Visit Visa which again comes with 30/90 Day’s of validity but one can convert his/her visit visa into employment or residence visa within the country.


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