China Visa Application from Bangalore- Free Visa!

China Visa Application from Bangalore

Indians must have an approved visa for tourism or business visits in China. The Chinese visa application process for Indians is offline. Here you need to submit the passport, along with your China visa application form. Indians can now go for the China visa application from Bangalore, with a pickup and drop facility.

You will see more about the visa to China and how you can process the application from Bangalore. You can also get a 100% cashback on the visa fee. Besides, you may get additional discounts on flights and hotel bookings from Blinkvisa.

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  1. You can convert your China visa expenses into travel expenses.
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Visa to China- Basic Information

Every Indian needs a visa to visit China. There is no option for a visa-on arrival either. There are different types of visa to China that apply to Indians. One may choose the right kind of visa according to their travel plan and intention.

Blinkvisa helps you get the visas for tourism and business purposes. Here is the list of visa types to China.

Types of China visa

There are several types of Chinese visas that one may apply for. When you are trying for a China visa application from Bangalore, the top two options are the,

  • China Tourist visa
  • Tourist visa express
  • China Business visa
  • Business visa express

Both these types of visa allow you a stay of one month in China. Though the validity may be longer, the stay period remains the same. These visas are non-extendable. One must leave the country when the visa expires.

The other types of visas that are available

  • Transit visa: The visa which you need when you are spending more than 24 hours in any of the Chinese airports.
  • Employment/work visa: As the name suggests, this visa allows you to work in China.
  • A student visa is required for anyone who wants to pursue studies or a course in China.
  • The journalist visa is the type of visa which you need when you are for reporting to the media.

How long does it take to get a Chinese visa?

A China Visa processing time would be up to 7-10 days. Though the actual processing may take only up to a week, the extra time is required for the documentation and courier service. When applying for a China visa, you may either apply personally or you may approach an agent.

In case you are opting for the agency, it takes longer. The applications must reach the visa center/China embassy through courier. It can be time-consuming.  Holidays or weekends can also delay the processing. Anyways, the complete process would take up to 7-10 days.

Processing types

There are two types of visa processing- normal and express. The normal China visa processing takes anywhere between 7-10 days. The normal processing time is the same for the tourist visa and business visa version.

China normal processing time

The China visa express processing gets you the visa within 3-5 days. The express processing is available at an additional charge. The period for express processing is the same for tourist and business visas.

China express processing time

How long before can I apply for my China visa?

You can apply for the China visa 3 months before the travel date. The latest you can apply is 20 days before the intended date of travel. The ideal time for the China visa application is one month. This gives you enough time for visa processing.

What is the validity of China Visa?

The visa to China has a validity period of 90 days/3 months. It means that you can use the approved visa and visit China anytime within this period.

The stay period in China will be 30 continuous days. This is also the maximum limit within which one must leave the country.

No. of entries with China visa?

A China visa for tourism is a single entry visa. You can enter the country only once with each of these visas.

China visa requirements

Documents required for China visa is the same for a tourist or business visa. However, there might be some additional documents according to the visa type and the applicant’s profile.

China tourist visa requirements

There are a few mandatory documents for the China tourist visa that every applicant must submit. There also are a few additional documents, depending upon the applicant.

  • A valid passport with at least 6 months’ validity. The passport must also have at least 2 blank pages for the entry and exit stamping.
  • A clear photograph that meets all the China visa requirements for the photo. The China visa photo size should be 35 mm x 45 mm.
  • The photo must be against a white or light blue background
  • A cover letter that explains the personal details and travel itinerary
  • Bank statements for the last 3 months
  • Confirmed return tickets
  • Hotel reservations or proof of accommodation

tourist visa to China requirements

Additional documents

  • The original leave sanction certificate and 3 months’ salary slip for the employed people
  • Company registration certificate; 3 months’ bank statement; last 3 years’ IT returns for self-employed.
  • Pension payment certificate or 6 months’ bank statement for retired people
  • Copy of ID card for students along with bonafide certificates
  • Minors need a copy of birth certificate and parents’ passport copy. They also need an NOC from the non-accompanying parent, if any.
  • Invitation letter, copy of inviter’s passport/PR as well as their address proof, in case you are visiting a family member or a friend living in China.

China business visa requirements

The mandatory documents for the China business visa are as follows

China business visa requirements

Apart from the base mandatory documents, the China business visa requires these documents as additionals.

  • Invitation from the inviting company
  • The covering letter must be on the company letterhead for self-employed persons.
  • Original leave sanction certificate on the Company letterhead with seal.
  • Last 3 months’ salary slip
  • The self-employed need to submit
  1. Business Registration License/MOA/Partnership deed/GST certificate/IT returns as applicable.
  2. Company’s updated bank statement of the last 3 months
  3. Company’s IT returns for the last 3 years
  4. Original Company Current Bank Account Statement for the last 3 months mentioning the Bank’s name. It must also contain the Bank’s Telephone Number, Applicant’s Name and Account No.. It must be on the Bank letterhead with proper seal & signature from the officer.

Please note that there is no difference in the documents requirements when you are opting for the express service. Here, only the processing time and amount of the fee that has changed. The same applies to the tourist visa as well as the business visa to China.

Blinkvisa helps you with documentation

When you approach a visa expert such as Blinkvisa, you can get assistance with every step. You can even have the document preparation as well. Here is the list of documents that you get assistance with Blinkvisa.

  • Filling up the application form
  • China visa photo size adjustment
  • Preparing the personal cover letter with the format
  • Courier and submission of the application form

Blinkvisa helps

China visa fees

The processing fee for the China visa differs from the visa type. The fee structure of the China visa fee for Indian passport holders is different for the tourist and business visas.

China tourist visa cost is Rs. 10,190, including the GST and agency charges. The China business visa has the same fee.

This fee structure is for the normal processing of visas. The actual breakup of the visa cost is,

China tourist visa fees             China business visa fees

The visa cost for the express visa is Rs. 15,089 including the GST. The agency fee is also included in this package.

China visa express service    China business visa express service

How to apply for China Visa- Through Blinkvisa from Bangalore

One must submit the passport along with the China visa application. The approved China visa will be a sticker/stamp visa. Moreover, you need to send it through courier.

Blinkvisa can help you with documentation, application form filling, pickup and drop of your passport and other documents. Even the scrutiny of the documents and application and the courier service will be dealt with. Moreover, Blinkvisa can also make sure that you have everything that is required for the whole process.

The pickup and drop facility is available only for the Bangalore residents.

  • Visit Blinkvisa
  • Select the visa type – tourist/business
  • Type in your destination as China, add the phone number
  • Click on “Book Appointment” and then fill in the personal details in the next page
  • Book an appointment for the pickup of your passport and documents.
  • Pay just Rs.500 to initiate the visa application process.
  • A visa expert will explain the required documents to support the application.
  • Get the passport and documents picked up from your home at your convenience.
  • The visa expert will help in filling the application. They will also scrutinize the documents and arrange them as per requirement.
  • Approve the visa application form details and you are done.
  • The visa application submission will be taken care of.
  • Once the visa is approved, Blinkvisa will receive the passport with the stamped visa.
  • Once again, the visa agent will make an appointment with you. This time, it is to give you the visa and passport.
  • Pay the remaining amount of the visa fee at Blinkvisa.
  • You will get the entire amount that you spent on the visa fee in your BlinkWallet.
  • Use this cash while booking flights, hotels or other activities. Besides, you may use it for the upcoming China trip or for any other later trips as well.

China visa online apply now

China visa application FAQs

Can I apply for the China visa online?

No, a visa to China is not available online. It has an offline process. You need to submit the passport as well. But, there is no personal interview or biometrics.

Can I personally apply to the China visa application service center or the Chinese embassy near me?

Yes, you can personally apply at any of the Chinese visa application centers. At the same time, the better option is to hire an agency so that you do not have to worry about every step. Besides, the visa agency can help with documentation and submission.

Is the China visa center part of the China embassy in India?

No, the visa center is not part of the China embassy. It is just a commercially registered service organization. But it operates independently but has the recognition of the Chinese Embassy for processing visas. Moreover, the Chinese visa service is not part of the embassy or an affiliated organ either.

Is there a China visa on arrival for Indian passport holders?

No, there is no China visa on arrival for Indians. As of now, all Indian passport holders would have to apply for a visa before they arrive in China mainland.

Where are the Chinese visa application service centers in India located?

The Chinese visa application service center in India is located at- New Delhi, Kolkata, and Mumbai. In case you are personally applying, you may approach any of the nearby centers.

Do I get to know about my Chinese visa rejection reasons?

No, the visa centers do not usually reveal the reasons for the visa rejection. Unfortunately, the only intimation that you would get is that your visa application is rejected.

Is the 10 year China visa available for Indians?

No, the 10 year China visa which allows multiple entries is not available for Indians. As of now, this visa is available for the citizens of 5 countries-

  • Argentina
  • Canada
  • Israel
  • The United States
  • The United Kingdom

How much balance should I have in the bank account while submitting my China visa application?

You must have a minimum balance of Rs. 1,60,000 in the account. At the same time, you need to submit the 6 months’ updated bank statement as well.

Can I extend my China visa?

There is a possibility of extension of the stay period in China. But, you must have a valid reason for the same to be eligible. Overstaying in China is a punishable offense and you might also be banned if you do so. Besides, it is always better to leave within the limits of stay period, than applying for an extension.

Can I apply for a China visa while staying in China?

No, when you are applying for a China visa, you must be staying out of the country.

Can I visit Hong Kong with my visa to China?

No, China visa is not valid for visiting Hong Kong. You must apply for a PAR (Pre-Arrival Registration) to enter Hong Kong.

Can I book a China tourist package from Blinkvisa?

Yes, you can get a China tourist package from Blinkvisa. You will be able to book the flights, hotels, as well as the activities in China. Besides, you can also get suggestions on the travel plans if you need them.

Do children need separate visa application to China?

Yes, each individual needs a separate visa to China and so, a separate visa application is required.

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