Malaysia eVISA from Pune

How to Apply for a Malaysia visa from Pune?

The slogan that is used for Malaysia’s tourism purpose, “Malaysia, Truly Asia” prolongs to sound true, for this entertaining country is really a medley of Asian cultures. Did you know that in Malaysia, each ethnic crowd has its own set of cultural practices and languages? Consequently, their calendar brims with multiple festivals throughout the year. While[…]

Malaysia visa from Hyderabad

How to Apply for a Malaysia visa from Hyderabad, India?

Looking forward to a super-fun vacation? Well, if you are travelling to Malaysia, then it is a perfect choice. Be a part of mind-blowing and thrilling adventures like snorkelling and bungee jumping. Try out new and exquisite cuisines, witness the striking skyscrapers and wildlife by visiting the Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre and Kuala Lumpur Bird Park.[…]

Malaysia visa for Indians from Mumbai

How to apply for Malaysia visa from Mumbai, India?

Located in Southeast Asia, Malaysia is famous for its tropical rainforests and serene beaches. It is also known as one of Asia’s new tiger economies.This holiday season, pay a visit to Malaysia and discover what lies beyond the buzzing city of Kuala Lumpur. The idyllic islands, tranquil beaches, national parks and culinary sensations are some[…]